The Stronger

The Stronger - träning med kettlebell


The Stronger is the program where you focus on strength training with the help of an adapted diet and kettlebell training. It is, like all three programs in step 1, a program that creates a big change in just 10 weeks. You become stronger, have more energy, get in shape and have an even energy level throughout the day. A new level of wellbeing that is not only visible on the outside but also has a positive mental impact. The program is designed to inspire and coach you to become your best and strongest self.

During the program, you undergo a change in your approach to food and exercise. You reset your entire metabolism by eating good food in the right amount on a regular basis, thus increasing your metabolism. By combining this with regular exercise, you will quickly become much stronger and have more physical and mental strength. If you have more body fat than is healthy, this will be reduced during the program. If not, we will help you adapt your diet to increase your growth.

During the preparation week you get to try Bodily's training, participate in a digital start-up meeting and get all the information you need for the next 10 weeks.

You get:

  • Support and encouragement from the coaching team.
  • Diet plan with recipes
  • Training program with kettlebell
  • Digital community
  • Fast, lasting results
  • App for iOS and Android

Support and encouragement from the coaching team
You get access to experienced and trained coaches who will do everything they can to see you succeed in reaching your goals.

Diet plan with recipes
A unique composition of how, what and when to eat to maximize your metabolism, make you feel more energetic and have an even mood and blood sugar.

Training program
Effective training that you can do wherever you want so that the training is done and becomes a natural part of your everyday life. You need 2 kettlebells, one lighter and one heavier, an exercise mat and training shoes. You do not need a gym card.

Digital community
You will belong to a digital community with other participants. We believe and know that it is easier and more fun to achieve change with others who want the same thing.

Fast, lasting results
You will achieve fast, lasting results if you stick to the plan.

App for iOS and Android
You will have access to our app where you will find all the information you need and where all communication takes place.

We've defined the program and thought about the big picture to make it as easy as possible for you to start living a healthier, longer and more enjoyable life. Join us on the journey to becoming your strongest self!

Fitness allowance - You can use your wellness allowance to run our programs.

This is what you need before the start:

  • 2 kettlebells, one lighter and one heavier.
  • Exercise mat
  • Training shoes

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