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The people behind Bodily are Karin Franzén Bohman and Team Bodily, currently around 50 experienced coaches and mentors at different stages of life who love to help people develop, get stronger and live healthy lives.

We've tried lots of training and nutrition programmes during our lives but never seen any lasting and sustainable change. Thanks to years of experience and education, Karin has developed diet and exercise programs that are unlike anything she has tried before. Programs and experiences that make her stronger than ever, both in body and mind, and give her a new lifestyle.

Now we want to offer everyone to experience the same awesome journey that Karin has made with these programs, with healthy habits towards a stronger body, a better feeling and a stronger mind. A journey that works and lasts. We have tested, looked at and taken inspiration from various sources and from that developed programmes for change, balance and to reach new levels of strength, endurance and well-being.

We have extensive experience and training in exercise and health, live active lifestyles and are passionate about seeing people feel good and thrive.

Because we are at different stages in life, we represent and understand those who are going through the toddler years, living family or single lives, in the middle of a career or downsizing to have more time for other things. We really look forward to coaching you to become your strongest self.

Why the name Bodily?

Bodily is about a journey towards loving yourself and becoming your strongest self - physically and mentally. To love your whole self, head, mind and body. That's why we came up with the name Bodily, which stands for My Body I Love You.? My Body I Love You

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