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Karin Franzén Bohman

Meet Karin Franzén Bohman - founder of Bodily

Karin Franzén Bohman has always been driven by inspiring and guiding people to develop. For 40 years she has been coaching in various ways - in sports, but also in other ways.


The goal was based on a simple idea: Bodily's program should be for ordinary people. Anyone should be able to participate. The training should be easy to do. You don't need access to a gym or complicated machines. The food should be easy to prepare, tasty, healthy and inspiring to the eyes.

- It's about bringing better habits to people's everyday lives through exercise and diet. I am convinced that there is no need for huge changes or painful or extreme programs. It should be possible to achieve clear and lasting improvements and better well-being through small changes in everyday life through more movement and better food.

Karin believes that the important thing is to get it done, at any time, as you are, anywhere.

- "I usually say - well, it's a bit like a mantra, that: "do your best and do it with the conditions you have today. Tomorrow is a new day with new conditions". It's simple and Bodily's participants understand it. Simplicity is the key!

The programs should simply suit everyone, but of course individual adaptations are required. This is something that Bodily's coaches help with, with the support of Karin.

- "I have always been driven by inspiring and guiding people to develop. To see a person finally manage to do something - e.g. a movement - that they have tried for a long time and not been able to do, and with a few tips and training they finally manage to do it, is really something very special. The happiness I see in adults, in the same way as when children do something for the first time, gives me the energy to continue.

Karin Franzén Bohman looks remarkably healthy, alert and fit. And it is clear that she is passionate about what Bodily helps people who want to make a change. She smiles, laughs often, and looks at me with squinty eyes. Karin is the founder of Bodily and we have met to talk about how the idea for Bodily was born, what she sees as the major benefits and also take a look into the crystal ball to see what the future has to offer.

Karin explains that she started coaching others at the age of 20, initially in various ball sports. At the age of 25, when she was a qualified sports teacher, she also started coaching athletics.

- "I coached athletics for almost 20 years and since then I have been a physical trainer, mental trainer and dietary advisor for various sports teams and individuals.

Facts about Karin

Karin, 61, who has over 35 years of experience in training, nutrition and health - creates all Bodily's programs and is, among other things, a trained PT, sports teacher, mental coach, dietician and in sports injuries. She has worked as a coach for world-class athletes as well as athletes, young people and children. Some of the sports Karin has practiced and worked with are athletics, running, football, basketball, tennis, floorball, volleyball and swimming.

Her daughters Klara, 29 and Elin 27 work with Karin and Team Bodily to strengthen public health through their work with Bodily. Klara, who lives in New York, is the star of Bodily's Instagram and Facebook account. Elin works as a doctor in Eksjö, produces prescriptions, guides in medical issues and works with the Bodily app.

Karinalso works as a headhunter and runs the company TEAMSEARCH Sweden AB.

/Link to Teamsearch: https://teamsearch.se/

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