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Online health and fitness programmes

Bodily's concept is based on home training and good recipes online. You should be able to follow the programmes wherever you are. We offer several digital diet and exercise programmes to suit you at any stage of your life.

The programmes usually run for ten weeks. They are designed to inspire and coach you to become your best and strongest self. From time to time, we also offer shorter programmes, such as those that are five weeks long.

It's all packaged in the stylish and accessible Bodily app. You'll quickly create new exercise and eating habits that give you more energy, which is consistent throughout the day. You bYou'll get stronger, sleep better and have fun with the other participants. Your coaching team will train, motivate and guide you through the programme.

Change your life with a sustainable kick-start

The Changer (step 1) is basic programme that creates a big change in just ten weeks. You'll get stronger, have more energy, reduce your body fat (if you need to) and have a steady level of energy throughout the day. A new level of well-being that shows on the outside and has a positive mental impact.

The Changer

Balance your diet and exercise in everyday life

The Balancer (Step 2) is the continuation programme that helps you stabilise your previous results to create sustainability and long-term change. Continue your journey to find balance in your diet, exercise and social life, feel good and become even stronger.

The Balancer

Become a better runner

The Cardio (Step 2) is the continuation programme that will make you a stronger, faster and more enduring runner. You will stabilise your previous results, train your core, endurance, running strength and speed. The diet is adapted to the training and to your goals.

The Cardio

Effective strength training for the whole body

The Amplifier (step 2) the continuation programme that makes you stronger in the whole body. You stabilise previous results and build muscle strength. You choose whether you train at home or at the gym. The diet is adapted to the training and your own goals.

The Amplifier

Combine endurance, strength and balance

The Combo (Step 3) is the programme for those who have already completed one or more continuation programmes and want a varied workout, taking you to the next level of strength, endurance and balance. You have a lot of freedom of choice and, as in the other programmes, you will be guided by a team of coaches and mentors. The diet is adapted to your training and your goals.

The Combo

Common to all programmes:

  • You will have access to experienced and trained coaches who will do everything they can to see you succeed in reaching your goal(s)
  • An effective mix of how, what and when to eat to maximise your burn, get you more energy and keep your mood and blood sugar steady
  • Effective workouts that you can do wherever you want to make exercise a natural part of your everyday life. So you don't need a gym card
  • You will belong to a digital community of great people. We believe and know that it's easier and more fun to achieve change with others who want the same thing
  • You will have access to our app where you will find all information and where all communication will take place
  • You'll achieve fast sustainable results - when you stick to the plann

We've defined the programmes and thought about the big picture to make it as easy as possible for you to start living a healthier, longer and more enjoyable life. Join us on the journey to becoming your strongest self!

Read about the equipment list for each programme in the shop.

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