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Ten-week diet and exercise program

Ten-week diet and exercise program that works for everyone!

Do you want to live more healthily?

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The app is the hub of your journey!

When you buy one of our programs, you get access to our app where you can find all the training programs week by week, recipes, your digital community, inspiration and much more. The app is available for iPhone, Android and as a web version.

Your new lifestyle is a few clicks away

We know that everyone can succeed. Even you! We also know that you often need support and encouragement. And individual adaptation. Plus, diet combined with exercise can actually work wonders.

Do you also want to feel better, eat healthier and have more energy? Bodily is a diet and exercise community that gets results. Maybe you want to lose a few pounds, sleep better or simply change the way you live.

We will help you.

This is how Bodilyresan works

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Exercise for effect

We give you fun, simple and varied training, which is adapted over time. You train 5-10 min/day six days of the week and 15-30 min two days. In the app you will find your daily exercises, abdominal exercises and weekly challenges, all with clear and simple instructional videos.

You get thoughtful training programs with simple, effective and fun training. The programs contain daily exercises. You do abs every other day and have two HIIT sessions per week.

This week's workout

  • 3 daily exercises (5-10 min)
  • 5 abdominal exercises every other day (10-15 min)
  • 2 training sessions (15-30 min)


"Do your best and do it with the conditions you have today. Tomorrow is a new day with new conditions".

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Diet that makes you feel good

The app contains delicious recipes for good and healthy food. The diet, which is a low-carb diet, gives you good energy. The instructions are easy to follow. The recipes are easy to prepare. At the end of the program, you will receive advice on how to turn the principles into a sustainable lifestyle - with a twist!

You will receive a diet plan and recipes for tasty and easy-to-prepare meals. You eat six times a day, two of which are meals and four are snacks. You completely avoid sugar, wheat flour and red meat.

This is how you eat daily

  • 2 meals
  • 4 snacks
  • Lots of water

What do we eat?

  • Fiber-rich carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • fat

What do we eat or drink not during The Starter or The Changer?

  • Wheat flour
  • Added sugar
  • Beef, lamb or pork meat
  • Alcohol
  • Sweetened drinks
Kost som ger resultat
Food for results
Eat 2 meals and 4 snacks every day.
Hela teamet av coacher samlade
Coaches to guide you

Karin Franzén Bohman, who has over 30 years of experience in coaching and advising on nutrition and health, founded Bodily in 2020 and creates all the programs. Bodily's more than 40 coaches have received training and are experienced. They coach, encourage and support you throughout the program and give you advice and tips. Each program has a Coaching Team with coaches and mentors. In addition, the whole Team Bodily supports you to reach your goals.

Read more about the coaches

Read more about Karin

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Community to give you a boost

When you join one of our programs, you immediately become part of our digital community. There we share experiences, encourage and support each other. Film your HIIT sessions and share in the community and you will receive coaching and support from Team Bodily.

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Coaching & encouragement

We do this together and we want you to reach your goals. When you film your training sessions, which we call HIIT sessions or challenges, your coaching team will help you with instructions and coaching. You always have the opportunity to ask questions when you need help.

In the community, you also meet the other participants in your group. We know that motivation can be difficult at times, but with all the support and coaching we will help you. We know you can do it!

What customers say about us

Catarina Nilsson, 36

"I have loved this journey. I have fought on according to my conditions, learned a lot (!!) in terms of food intake. I am alert during the day and sleep well at night, and no longer walk through life yawning."

Jane Haglund, 41

"Already after four weeks I noticed a huge difference in my body. But the biggest difference was almost mental - I felt so much more alert and slept better."

Read the article about Jane

Marcus Karlsson, 44

"The feeling when you cross the finish line after ten weeks is both nice and a little empty.

I am so proud of the result and extremely impressed with everyone's fighting spirit these ten weeks. It has been really challenging at times, but in retrospect it has been worth the effort."

Proud sponsor of A21

Human trafficking is the exploitation of children, women and men for their bodies and labor. It is the slavery of our time. To counteract it, Bodily started a collaboration in March 2022 with the organization A21, which works to abolish slavery.

Together we have contributed over SEK 50,000 to the aid organization A21's work for vulnerable refugees in and from Ukraine. It is a small, but much needed contribution in these troubled times.

The cooperation continues! When you sign up for a program with Bodily, you are contributing! Let's help each other! 💙💛

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Together we can make Sweden feel better!
Generation Pep

We support Generation Pep's vision - that all children and young people should have the opportunity and desire to live an active and healthy life.

Today, only three out of ten young people get the recommended amount of physical activity, 60 minutes per day, and barely half of all children eat vegetables every day.

We want to help change this, because we want Sweden to feel better. We contribute by creating good conditions for the whole family to eat better and move more.

Together we create a popular movement for the health of children and young people.

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Approved for wellness

You can use your wellness grant to run Bodily programs, via ePassi or send the receipt directly to your employer.