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The Starter

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The program for those who are completely unfamiliar with training, need more gentle training, are a new mother, want to make a big weight loss or for other reasons need more gentle training. It is also suitable for those who are older and need to become stronger and have better dietary habits.

  • Getting started with exercise
  • Eat a healthier diet
  • Create new healthy habits in everyday life
  • The coaching team will support you all the way

You will start your health journey by becoming leaner, stronger, reducing your body fat (if you want to) and experiencing more consistent energy levels throughout the day. You will notice that you feel better both physically and mentally. By combining regular exercise with a healthy diet, you can quickly see positive results.

The training in The Starter is easier than in The Changer. Some might describe The Starter as a 'soft start' and The Changer as a 'kick start'. After ten weeks with The Starter, if you identify with any of the above categories, you will be ready to take the next step.

During the preparation week you get to try Bodily's diet and movement training, participate in a digital start-up meeting and get access to all the information you need for the next ten weeks.


You get:

  • Support and encouragement from the coaching team in our Community.
  • Diet plan with recipes
  • Exercise program
  • Mental training
  • New habits in everyday life
  • App for iOS and Android

You will need:

  • Exercise mat
  • Training shoes
  • Optional: Battle Rope

Start JANUARY 2024:

  • Monday, January 15
  • Preparation week starts January 9
  • Last day to register is January 7

Start APRIL 2024:

  • Monday, April 8
  • Preparation week starts April 2
  • Deadline for registration March 31

Register for the program and you will receive a welcome email from us with a receipt and instructions about the start of the program. You will also receive a link to a form where you can fill in your friend's details. You will receive an invitation to our app in a separate email on the day the preparation week starts.

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