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The Balancer

The 10-week follow-up programme (step 2) helps you stabilise your past results to create sustainability and long-term change. Continue your journey towards finding balance in your diet, exercise and social life, feeling good and getting even stronger.

We believe it is important to create sustainability and that the change you have made is long term. Your new lifestyle is important to stabilise so that it lasts and also works socially. Your diet will be more varied and your training will continue to be simple and increase naturally.

During the preparation week, you will try Bodily's training, attend a digital start-up meeting and get all the information you need for the next 10 weeks.

You will:

    • Coaching by a PT
    • Diet plan with recipes
    • Training programme
    • Digital community
    • Fast, lasting results
    • App for iOS and Android

      Coaching by PT
      You'll have access to experienced and trained coaches who will do everything they can to see you succeed in reaching your goals.

      Diet plan with recipes
      A unique set of how, what and when to eat to maximise your burn, get you more energy and keep your mood and blood sugar steady. You create a balance between new and old habits to find a sustainable life, including socially.

      Exercise programme
      Effective exercise that you can do anywhere to make exercise a natural part of your everyday life. You will need a battle rope, exercise mat, rubber band and trainers. You don't need a gym card.

      Digital community
      You will belong to a digital community with other participants. We believe and know that it is easier and more fun to achieve change with others who want the same thing.

      Lasting results

      You will continue to achieve lasting results.

      App for iOS and Android
      You will have access to our app where you will find all the information you need and where all communication takes place.

      We have defined the programme and thought about the whole picture to make it as easy as possible for you to continue the journey towards a healthier, longer and more enjoyable life.

      Here's what you need to get started:

      • Battle rope 9 m, 38 mm, 7-8.5 kg
      • Exercise mat
      • Rubber bands (short and long)
      • Training shoes

      Health care allowance - You can use your health allowance to run our programmes.