The Cardio Pair price
The Cardio Pair price
The Cardio Pair price
The Cardio Pair price
The Cardio Pair price
The Cardio Pair price
The Cardio Pair price

The Cardio Pair price

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Training is more fun when you do it with others. Join forces with a partner or friend in the same household and exercise together.

"Both my spouse and I saw significant changes with the first program. It was natural to continue together."

You have completed The Changer! Now you are ready for the continuation program, The Cardio. Stabilize previous results for sustainable change and focus on taking your running and other forms of endurance to a new level.

We focus on various forms of endurance training, especially running. You will train your mental strength to increase self-confidence. You will receive recipes and also find inspiration to create your own. Drawing inspiration from other participants and receiving motivation from your coaching team, you will reinforce the sustainability of your new lifestyle while challenging and strengthening your endurance. Read more about the equipment you need under program information.

During the preparation week, you will have the opportunity to try Bodily's training, participate in a digital kickoff meeting, and access all the information you need for the upcoming ten weeks.

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You will receive:

  • Support and motivation from the coaching team
  • Meal plan with recipes
  • Training program
  • Mental training
  • Digital community
  • App for iOS and Android

You will need:

  • Running shoes
  • Battle rope
  • Resistance bands, long and short (it can be beneficial to have different levels of resistance)

Start in JANUARY 2024:

  • Monday, January 15th
  • Preparation week starts on January 9th
  • Last day for registration is Januarty 7th

Start in APRIL 2024:

  • Monday, April 8 th
  • Preparation week starts on April 2nd
  • Last day for registration is March 31st

Register together for the program at a couple's price, and you will receive a welcome email from us with a receipt and instructions for the program start. You will also receive a link to a form where you can fill in the details for your partner in the same household. The program will open for you on the day the preparation week starts. Update the app and use the same login credentials as before.

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