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About us

Team Bodily have tried lots of exercise and diet programs during our lives but have never seen any long-term change. Thanks to many years of experience as a professional coach and education Karin Franzén Bohman has developed all the different diet and exercise programs in Bodily. These are different from everything else she has tried. Programs and experiences that makes her stronger than ever before, both in body and mind, and gives her a new lifestyle.

Team Bodily want to offer the same experience and the awesome journey for everyone, towards a stronger body, a better well-being and a stronger mind. A journey with long lasting results. Together we have tested, looked at and taken inspiration from different areas and from this developed programs for change, balance and for reaching new levels of strength, endurance and well-being.

We have extensive experience and education in fitness training and health, live active lifestyles and are passionate about seeing people feel good and flourish.

Because we are in different phases of life, we represent and understand those who are going through the toddler years, living family life or single life, are in the middle of their careers or those who step down from work to have more time for other things. We are really looking forward to coaching you to be your strongest self.


Karin is, among other things, a trained PT, sports teacher, mental trainer, dietician and trained in sports injuries. She has worked as a professional coach at the world elite level as well as coaching recreational athletes, youth and children. Some sports she herself practiced and has worked as coach with are track and field, football, basketball, tennis, floorball, volleyball, swimming.

Karin, who has more than 30 years of experiences from professional coaching, nutrition and health, creates all Bodily programs.

Karin also works as a headhunter and runs the company TEAMSEARCH Sweden AB.