Summer Special

Summer Special

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Join us this summer and get access to simple exercise and fresh, easy-to-make summer food.

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Stay in shape, get stronger and have more energy for all your summer activities. You get effective training, recipes for fresh summer food and coaching, which you can take with you wherever you go this summer! You simply have your PT in your pocket! It doesn't get any better than that!

Summer Special suits you regardless of whether you are an experienced exerciser or a beginner, what age or where you are. You may be traveling, sailing, in the cabin, hiking, at home or on the beach - the program works for you!

Are you new to exercise and want to get started; or do you have the goal of becoming a stronger runner; or do you want to maintain the strength and fitness you already have? Then the Bodily Summer Special is for you!

Take your PT with you on vacation. In the Bodily app you get everything; training, recipes, community and coaching. The training works wherever you are, as long as you get it done!

We run 12 weeks starting as early as May 22 and running until August 13. You choose 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 weeks. Choose the weeks that suit you, at least four. Every week you get new training, daily exercises, abs and workouts, which we call HIIT sessions.

In the Bodily app you get all the training, recipes and community. You always have the Bodily app with you. It makes it easy for you to follow the program.

You get:

  • Fresh summer recipes developed by dieticians.
  • Great training that is effective and that you can do wherever you are.
  • Coaches and mentors from Team Bodily encourage and support you.
  • In the community you meet both coaches and others who have also chosen this wonderful program.


  • Daily exercises (3 pcs), 5-10 min.
  • Stomach (4-5 exercises every other day), 10-15 min.
  • Training sessions (you choose from 5 HIIT sessions per week), 15-30 min.

HIIT sessions

You can choose how many sessions you do per week. There are always five HIIT sessions to choose from.

  • Body as resistance
  • Rope (you can order in the shop)
  • Rubber band
  • running
  • Weights


First start May 22

  • You will receive an invitation to the app on May 22; or
  • If you are already in Bodily, update the app and log in as usual on May 22 at the earliest.
  • If you sign up later than May 22, you will receive the invitation to the app the same day and your weeks will start immediately.

It is possible to use Friskvårdsbidrag.

    Sign up for the program and you will receive an email with a receipt and a welcome email from us with instructions on how to start the program (also look in the trash can). If you have already run a Bodily program, the Summer Special will open on May 22. Then update the app and use your same login details as you previously used.

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