The Amplifier Pair price
The Amplifier Pair price
The Amplifier Pair price
The Amplifier Pair price
The Amplifier Pair price
The Amplifier Pair price

The Amplifier Pair price

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Exercise is more fun with others. Team up with a partner or friend in the same household and exercise together.

"Great fun and very good that we can inspire each other!"

Well done with The Changer! Then it's time for the continuation program, The Amplifier. Here we help you stabilize previous results for sustainable change and focus on strengthening your muscles. Training that takes you to the next level of becoming your strongest self.

With a focus on strength training and building more muscle, you will get recipes and tips on how to create your own. Your mental strengths will be trained to increase your self-esteem.. With inspiration from other participants and encouragement from your coaching team you will strengthen the sustainability of your new lifestyle. Read more about what equipment you need in the program information.

During the preparation week you get to try Bodily's training, participate in a digital start-up meeting and get access to all the information you need for the next ten weeks.


You get:

  • Support and encouragement from the coaching team in our digital community.
  • Diet plan with recipes
  • Exercise program
  • Mental training
  • App for iOS and Android

You need:

  • Battle rope (9 m, 38 mm, 7-8.5 kg)
  • Exercise mat
  • Dumbbells (2-10 kg, or adjustable)
  • Kettlebell (4-12 kg)
  • Barbell (10-15 kg, for home use)
  • Rubber bands (short ones to put on your thighs, long narrow ones with different resistance)
  • Roller (optional)
  • Training shoes

Start JANUARY 2024:

  • Monday, January 15
  • Preparation week starts on January 9
  • Last day of registration January 7

Start APRIL 2024:

  • Monday, April 8
  • Preparation week starts April 2
  • Registration deadline March 31

Register for the program together at a couple price
we will send you a welcome email with a receipt and instructions on how to start the program. You will also receive a link to a form where you fill in the details of your partner/friend. The program will open for you on the evening of the start of the preparation week. Please update the app and use the same login details that you have previously used.

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