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Bodily is based on home training and healthy recipes online. We offer five digital diets and workout programs that suit everyone, regardless of age, health, or sex. Each program is ten weeks long and is designed to inspire and coach you to become your best and most potent version of yourself. Everything is packed in our stylish and easily accessible Bodily app.

You create new workout and diet habits that give you a higher energy level throughout the day. As a result, you become stronger, sleep better and have much fun with the other participants during the journey. Your coach team will help you educate, motivate and guide you through the program.


The Changer - a digital nutrition and fitness program with PT

The Changer (PHASE I)

Our "Beginner Program"program that creates a significant change in 10 weeks. You will become stronger. Have more stamina, reduce your body fat (if you need it) and get an even energy level throughout the day. A new level of well-being is visible on the outside, but more importantly it will affect you personally with a new sence of, "I CAN".


The Balancer - a digital nutrition and fitness program with PT

The Balancer (PHASE II) 

Our follow-up program that helps stabilize your past results to create sustainability and long-term change. So continue your journey towards finding balance within your diet, workouts, and social life. You will feel better and will become stronger.


The Cardio - a digital nutrition and fitness program with PT

The Cardio (PHASE II) 

Do you love running, or want to learn to become a runner? This is a follow-up program that makes you a stronger runner. Learn how to improve your form and strengthen muscles you didn't know you had. You will stabilize your previous results, train your core, increase endurance and running strength, and make improvements on your speed. Your diet is adapted to your training and your goals.


The Amplifier - a digital nutrition and fitness program with PT

The Amplifier (PHASE II) 

Our follow up program which makes you stronger throughout your whole body. You stabilize previous results and build muscle strength. It is excellent to do the workouts at home or in the gym. Your diet is adaptive and built on your workout level, and your own goals.


The Combination - a digital nutrition and fitness program wit PT

The Combination (PHASE III) 

Our advanced program for those who have completed successfully our other programs and want to take your training to the next level. Increase your strength, endurance, and balance further than you ever thought. You have great freedom of choice here, just like the other programs and guided by a team of elite coaches. Again, the diet is adapted to your workout and your goals.

What the programs have in common:

  • Access to well experienced and elite coaches who will do everything they can to see you reach your goals and succeed.
  • A unique mix of how, what, and when to eat to maximize fat burning, boost energy levels, and create a stable mood and blood sugar levels.
  • Effective training that you can perform wherever you want. Just make sure it gets done and becomes a natural part of your everyday life. You do not need a gym membership to do our fitness programs.
  • You become part of a digital community with other participants. We know and believe that it is easier and more fun to achieve change together with people who have the same goals.
  • Access to our app where you’ll find all the information you need for the program and where all the communication is done.
  • You will achieve fast results if you stick to the plan

We have defined the programs from a big picture perspective to make it as easy as possible for you to start your journey towards a healthier, longer and more wonderful life. Join us on the journey to become the strongest version of yourself!

Read about equipment list for each program in the shop.